Apr 052014
Deltron 3030 Lights Up The Social in Orlando

I’m a pretty big fan of hip hop. Clever lyrics, killer samples, and bowel-shaking bass rattling my car and/or house make me feel warm and fuzzy. Hip hop live shows, on the other hand, are hit or miss – mostly miss. Del tha Funkee Homosapien‘s unique vocals and tight beats make him a pretty sure [...]

Oct 242013
Interview: David Sanchez of Thrash Metal Band, HAVOK

HAVOK came to Orlando with legendary Sepultura founder, Max Cavalera, and his band, Soulfly. I caught up with David for a quick interview out on the loading area behind The Social to talk about the current state of metal, world politics, heavy metal inspirato, and horror movies among other things. HAVOK is a seriously bad [...]

Aug 232013
Our Wild Love rocks steady with Uneven Beats

When I reviewed “Low” some months ago I described it as falling somewhere between Muse and Depeche Mode. Uneven Beats continues in this new direction with veins of new wave, indie, and Top 40 twisting through the flexed, sinewy muscle of Brit-inspired alternative rock. Amid the bass, smothered in fuzz and distortion, thudding drums, twinkling [...]