Mar 042014

The Bright Light Social Hour onstage at The Social 3.3.14The Bright Light Social Hour were back Monday night and in rare form as usual. I guess it’s not “rare” then, but anyway. I thought, “I love these guys live, but I’ve seen them three times on one album! What could I get out of it?” Well, as I hoped, TBLSH focused on brand new music this go around. There was a big audience for a Monday night and I can’t help but think my previous reporting on the band is solely responsible for the groundswell of support they are enjoying. I want mention in the fucking liner notes of the next album! Well, it might have something to do with the power of their live shows, strong social media presence, and thousands of other bloggers and fans, but whatevs.

The new stuff seemed to get more psychedelic at times and more straightforward rock at others as compared to the anthemic funk rock of their debut. The new guy on keys, Edward Braillif , also adds a sort of techno/electronica feel in places, which can work really well at driving the songs up to swirling crescendos. Eddie B also fills in with rhythm guitar on occasion. I caught part of their set on the lawn at Rollins last year and realized AJ Vincent (old keyboard guy) was gone. Apparently, they parted ways with Vincent due to “creative differences.” That guy was no slouch either, but had a more retro vibe – which I don’t think hurt them at all.

Well, the new music was pretty good. I caught one of the songs:


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