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May 102009

OK, I’m not going to say my wife made me go. I really grew rather fond of this band. I saw them at several festivals and once on their own. Their songs had a little more weight live and they were able to pleasantly roughen their soft edges. This show at Hard Rock seemed a bit “phoned-in,” but maybe it was because it was the last show of the tour.

“Title and Registration”

Sing along time: “I Will Follow You Into the Dark”

“Marching Bands of Manhattan”

“Transatlanticism” I feel like I’m on an episode of Six Feet Under.

May 062009

The Kings of Leon have two fantastic albums full of hip, catchy, cool and fun garage rock … then I don’t know what the fuck happened. The whole “Sex is on Fire” and “Use Somebody” thing took mainstream dorks by storm and all but erased my previous opinions of the band. This show was the third time I saw them. To tell you the truth, they have a true songwriting talent which is amazing because it takes the entire band’s full concentration to struggle through a song – even though they played for years. So it is obvious that there is not going to be any jamming, rocking out, improvisation, or anything adventurous, but it seems like they found the perfect crowd for that – everyone. The show at UCF only drove that point home with goofballs and drunken frat boys caterwauling at the tops of their voices.

From the days when they were palatable “Slow Night, Long Night”

“Four Kicks” One of my favorites

The better band is really Brooklyn’s The Walkmen

A clip from “In the New Year”