Apr 052014

Image via @OfficialDELTRON

I’m a pretty big fan of hip hop. Clever lyrics, killer samples, and bowel-shaking bass rattling my car and/or house make me feel warm and fuzzy. Hip hop live shows, on the other hand, are hit or miss – mostly miss. Del tha Funkee Homosapien‘s unique vocals and tight beats make him a pretty sure bet for live performances as far as rap goes. Add the wizardry of Dan the Automator and the ninja-like turntable prowess of Kid Koala and you might have one of the best live hip hop acts – ever.

Kid Koala came out for a warm-up DJ set. He began with a story of how the tour managers fucked up, got the wrong equipment for him and explained he has been borrowing turntables at every stop along the way. Kid assured us this was a disclaimer and not an excuse. I’m not sure if he was fucking around. He said something about them bringing in guitar equipment instead of his turntables, but he may have been obfuscating, trying to add mystery as to why guitar, bass, and drums were on stage. I’m not sure. The Social was packed and loud. Anyway, he set them motherfuckers on fire during his DJ set.

Deltron came out with the assistance of the aforementioned instruments; guitar bass and drums bolstered the already powerful 3030 trio. Simply put, they fucking rocked it. They came out swinging with a fast-paced, high energy set that felt more like a rock concert than a hip hop show. Hands down one of the best rap/hip hop concerts I’ve seen.