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Nov 022013

nine-inch-nails-in-orlando-tension-2013The last time I caught Nine Inch Nails was with Queens of the Stone Age here in Orlando and in Tampa. At that point I didn’t see how they could possibly top themselves visually. We would have to make another thrust forward technologically as a species to even conceive something more grandiose. Well, we are not colonizing the moon, but Trent has reconvened and reconfigured NIN for 2013 in a seriously mean way. The visceral attack of the music was as poignant and raw as ever and the light show was astounding. Although it is not what was originally planned, this live line-up for Nails might be the best it’s ever been. Nine Inch Nails always existed at the crossroads of technology and music by seamlessly melding the fury of rock, industrial, and punk with digital and embracing all technologies that underscore the music, enhance the live show, and unite the fan community. The Tension 2013 Tour may be the apogee of Reznor’s vision for NIN.