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Feb 202012


I was instantly smitten with the song “Oblivion” despite its close approximation to Tiffany’s version of “I Think We’re Alone Now.” NOTE: I made this assertion before NPR Music, but that isn’t really a big deal since it’s so obvious) In fact, Grimes, aka Claire Boucher – the Canadian musician and visual artist finds melodic muscle in 80’s pop-ster kitsch that’s bathed in her own brand of ethereal gloom on the latest album, Visions. It almost sounds like Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam produced by Trent Reznor on “Circumambient.” The second track, “Genesis” is like a Friday night, 5th grade couple skate on psilocybin.  Although, my instinct is to distrust another lush, 80’s influenced bedroom laptop act, Grimes builds on the dark and beautiful, yet sonically ambivalent soundscapes of 2010’s Geidi Primes and 11’s Darkbloom to create a more polished sound. Visions reveals a more cohesive approach to crafting songs which lends more direction to the album and gives Grimes a distinctive songwriting signature.

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Feb 042012


I’m falling behind and my inbox has exploded with new music promotions. I’ve been remiss, derelict in my duties, so this calls for a quick game of – Sounds Like

This is “Night in the Ocean” by Young Magic:
Night In The Ocean by Carpark Records

Sounds like: Peaches and Herb on quaaludes in a time machine.

AM and Shaun Lee is duo of LA-based indie songwriter AM and the UK’s DJ Lee. They were recently signed to ESL and here they are covering the Ozark Mountain Boy’s classic, “Jackie Blue.”

AM & Shawn Lee – Jackie Blue by AMSOUNDS

Sounds Like: An ESL act covering a classic rock song, not unlike Thievery’s cover of The Doors.

Shark Vegas is an act that emerged on the retrospective, FAC Dance, a compilation of rarities from Manchester’s Factory Records. Factory was a legendary mod / new wave record company that put out legends like Joy Division, New Order and The Happy Mondays.

Shark Vegas- Pretenders Of Love (FAC. DANCE) by Strut

Sounds Like: The music that would play on a Karate Kid training montage if John Hughes directed it.

Gross Magic is another English band, but recently signed to American label, Fat Possum. “Sweetest Touch” is from their debut EP, Teen Jamz.

Gross Magic – Sweetest Touch by snipelondon

Sounds Like: A girl singing, but it’s not.

Cate Le Bon is Welsh indie singer / songwriter that even has a Welsh language album. She was good enough to catch the ear of St. Vincent who she is touring with now.

Cate Le Bon “Puts Me To Work” by Controlgroupco

Sounds Like: Unpretentious and honest pop rock music.

Wiseblood – “Nosferatu”

Wise Blood – Nosferatu by Dovecote Records

Sounds Like: Another one-man indie laptop band and despite my desire to hate these bands I like about 50% of them.

Mark Sultan is also known as BBQ of King Khan and BBQ Show fame. He is from Canadia. French Canadia.

Mark Sultan – “Song In Grey” by forcefieldpr

Sounds Like: what makes rock n’ roll good.

“Oblivion” by Grimes

Sounds Like: Tiffany’s version of “I Think We’re Alone Now”