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Dec 312010

Pennsylvania's SOARS (album cover)

As a sucker for sad and mopey shoegaze SOARS grabbed my attention several months ago while breezing through the outstanding Shuffler website. The dark, ambient tones of the music seem to carry the distant and forlorn vocals of Briana Edwards on a dreary and mystifying fog. “Throw Yourself Apart” haunted me with the dark intro, the simple beat with the bass and snare drum’s overblown volume, piercing and melodic riff, and that sad, sad vocal treatment. The album continues in the same manner; each song delicate and brooding in its own right with a blend of shoegaze and noisy dream pop swirling around a fragile and echo-y female vocal lead. The eternal David Fricke described them as a “less assaultive My Bloody Valentine” and he’s pretty much right-on. The album does anything but soar, but that is the point and if gloomy makes you happy then check this band out.

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Dec 162010
Luis Mejia of PJA

Luis Mejia of PJA

Orlando Alt Rock powerhouse, Plain Jane Automobile, dropped by their home base venue this past Saturday. The band recently emerged from being sequestered in a downtown Atlanta basement as they recorded their upcoming album, Your Tomorrow. Although band members mentioned needing to hit the road to tighten up, they sounded pretty damn good as they focused on a set of mostly new material. I’ve always said that PJA sounds like Supergrass if they borrowed Radiohead‘s equipment from The Bends. I’ve heard them described as Brit-pop, but they are miles away from Oasis or Blur by packing the punch of Small Faces or maybe Gang of Four and the finesse of  Kasabian or The Verve.


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Dec 022010
Shredding the laptop

Shredding the laptop

Greg “Girl Talk” Gillis released his latest album (mix tape),  All Day, as a free download. It is meant to be listened to as one continuous track, but you have the option of downloading it parsed into individual songs. He brings the party as usual. I was actually listening to this at work and nearly took my shirt off and started drinking beer (that’s how I roll) because it’s so damn infectious.  I have a “thing” for good mash-ups and GT is King. He goes beyond pairing a classic rock song with a hip hop beat. He sort of crafts a series of songs within songs that match the short attention span of the modern human. The novelty doesn’t get old because each tune evolves, switching gears several times throughout. “On and On” boasts a seamless pastiche of Cream, Notorious B.I.G, New Order, White Zombie, and U2 among about a dozen threads of melody  and is one of many standouts. So turn it up and take your top off. Woo!

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Download Girl Talk’s All Day here.