Apr 022014

7-year-old Dylan Miles performs at Cervantes in DenverDylan Miles Frechette continues his World Domination Tour. Not only has he moved on from Orlando, FL to Denver, CO, but he pushed past the drums and added guitar to his repertoire. He is only seven years old! Dylan Miles still plays the drums everyday, but has been taking weekly guitar lessons for several months. He took to the stage recently to add a little rhythm gee-tar to the Trevor Jones Band.

Dylan got on stage at Cervantes in Denver to sit in with New Orleans good time vibe-ist Trevor Jones and The Voice of the Wetlands All-Stars. In a super-cool move, Trevor brought Dylan on stage to share the musical experience and jam. “This is something we do in New Orleans a lot, we bring the shorter people up,” explained Trevor before they slid into “Bayou Breeze.”