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Jun 182009

This was the final show of the tour and I fucking missed Grizzly Bear. TV on the Radio writes some great songs, but they are much better on the album. This is the second time I saw them live and confirmed that they aren’t so great (don’t suck) live.

“A Method” the last song of the night with members of Grizzly Bear

One of my favorite tracks from Dear Science – “Halfway Home”

Jun 052009

There were a handful of songs I liked from Atlanta’s MO. At first listen, they reminded me of a Death Cab for Cutie rip-off. Once I saw them live, that perception changed. They are emotionally charged like Death Cab, but with a heavier rock edge. Live, their songs are weighty and powerful with a strong rock presence.

An epic rendition of “Where have you been?”

Manchester Orchestra seems to possess a crowd of fans – powerful and trance-like the fans sing along