May 182014

isaac-brock-of-modest-mouse-in-orlando-2014-2First of all I was completely wrong. The set from Friday night wasn’t so much a testing ground for new music as I prophesied, but a killer, fan-friendly riot. The show was a short, but stellar. It started early, which is lame. I know it isn’t my business endeavor, but a band like Modest Mouse playing on a fucking Friday night shouldn’t start while people are still in their evening commute. Maybe The Beacham rakes in the dough (doubt it) from club night, but there will be less stabbings, more alcohol purchases, and more tips from a crowd there to see a legendary band than one hanging on to their tip money for a late night coke run. Rock show over at 10:30: G-A-Y.

I was stoked for Morning Teleportation. I didn’t learn until the day before that they were opening. I reviewed their debut album in 2011 and pretty much loved their Modest Mouse on amphetamines sound. I was able to catch their last song – played at 7:30!!!!! – though:

Modest Mouse just killed it:

AUDIO: “Tiny Cities Made of Ashes”

Listen to Tiny Cities Made of Ashes

AUDIO: “I Came as a Rat”

Listen to I Came as a Rat

I always thought Isaac would be sort of a recluse. According to this Crowd Album he certainly made himself available to fans.