Oct 052014

the-ghost-of-us-by-the-moon-chambers-is-toyota-songOK so I’ve been trying to track down this fucking song for a long time now. The commercial is running for over a year and it was the only one not on the official Toyota YouTube channel. I watched so many Toyota commercials (I feel like buying a Toyota for some reason) trying to find this fucking thing! I did numerous searches with keywords like “toyota corolla commercial” and “they tell you I’m the one who drives you mad” and found nothing but one other dude on Yahoo! Answers asking the same question.

I just heard the commercial again from another room and decided to try one more search. Voila! Right there. Yahoo! has an answer and some other asshole found the commercial on YouTube. There seems to be mini-cult built around this song; a disparate and dedicated group endlessly searching this phrase, ”they tell you I’m the one who drives you mad” and posting on forums: “does anyone know who sings that song in the Corolla commercial? It goes …”

Here’s the commercial that got my panties all knotted up:

And here is the song, “The Ghost of Us” by The Moon Chambers