May 022013

chris_robinson_of_the_black_crowes-HOB_orlando-kisses_and_noiseThe Black Crowes bring two kinds of shows these days; the long-form 3 hour smack down and the tighter, 2 hour rock show. Their 2010 tour featured an acoustic set, a set break, and an electric set that created all sorts of room for the band to stretch out around old and new songs. The Lay Down with Number 13 tour is the two hour variety. This would be plenty for most bands, but with the Crowes it seems like light duty. The setlist continues to morph from night to night and highlights at the HOB included opening with a one-two punch of “Twice as Hard” and “Sting Me” (not quite as strong as the 1-2-3 in St. Pete of “Jealous Again,” “Thick n Thin,” and “Hotel Illness”) and the true to Amorica “Ballad in Urgency / Wiser Times” power jam. In St. Pete, Jackie brought out the banjo for “Garden Gate” and last night he busted out the mandolin for “Whoa Mule.” They closed much stronger than they did at The Mahffey Theater in St. Pete with the “Hard to Handle / Hush” medley. It really feels like this is a test run to get Jackie Greene’s sea legs, but it’s great to hear.

The band came across laid back, not slow, but relaxed as Steve kept the tempos from speeding up in concert, creating a comfy little pocket to nestle up in all night.

“Thorn in my Pride”