Apr 292013

RushI’m not the biggest Rush fan in the world, but as a metal, hard rock, alternative fan I can’t dismiss the gods of prog rock – especially with the chance to see them from a plush executive suite at the Amway Arena. Rush played with the true fans in mind. Here’s my definition of the true fan. I’m a casual fan. One of the guys in the box with me was “a big Rush fan,” but he was a 70s FM radio Rush fan. He knew the stories and urban legends, he has seen them 20 times, but he was getting hammered and waiting for all of their arena anthems. They let him down. But the true Rush fan, the ones that loved them in the beginning, and held on, appreciating where they were going through the 80s and early 90s were smiling ear to ear.

Rush came on around 7:30 an played until 11pm. The first set was a mix of more recent music like “Far Cry” from Snakes and Arrows and 80s cuts like “Grand Designs” from Power Windows and “Subdivisions” from 1982′s Signals. Next was a section highlighting their latest album, Clockwork Angels. They closed with a monster set that highlighted some deeper stuff from early Rush. No “Limelight,” no “Working Man,” not even a “Fly by Night” so as I said, fan boys were lovin’ it!


Now I feel corny recording “Tom Sawyer,” but I was actually holding out for “Limelight” and “Working Man” (remember, I’m just a casual fan):