Mar 142012

hank_williams_III-at_the_plaza_theater-orlando_music_blogI have already declared Hank III as one of the coolest live music experiences around right now, especially if you love music. Both kinds: country and metal. What movie? His 3-set assault starts with straight-up outlaw country. His voice is the uncanny ghost of his grandaddy. The next set is the patented Hellbilly sound – a sort of rockabilly / metal hybrid, and is followed by the jaw smashing hardcore of Assjack. This year, Tricephus added ADD – Attention Deficit Dysfunction – a sort of stoner rock, White Stripes meets Sabbath thing.







I didn’t stay for Assjack this time because I’m old and it was a school night. Follow the link above for Assjack action from aught 9.