Jul 262011

clap_your_hands_say_yeah_graffitiClap Your Hands Say Yeah blew me away with their debut album. They were able to create fun, heartfelt rock with the rhythm of Talking Heads and jangly melancholy of Modest Mouse. Their second album, Some Loud Thunder, showed signs of growth, but failed to capture some of the magic of the first. Then they were done. One of the most buzzed about bands in recent history just shriveled up and died. Remember, they were one of the first to use digital and social to create, distribute, and market their music by themselves selling thousands of copies on the Interweb with no professional representation at all? It was a kind of blueprint laid out and used by nearly everyone over the last 6 years. Well, Alec Ounsworth realized that although the band is really good he, by no means exhibited enough songwriting strength and notoriety to strike out on his own. He saw an overcrowded indie market and cried, “Me too, me too.” Well he is back with CYHSY and a full album, Hysterical, is due in September.

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