Mar 092010

Modest MouseAh, Modest Mouse and their penchant for clever song titles and even cheekier album names released the EP, No One’s First and You’re Next, a few months back. Another well-crafted notch in their belt No One captures all that is great about their sound – then and now and continues Isaac Brock’s witty, humanistic, if not nihilistic view of life through his lyrics. “Guilty Cocker Spaniels” could be overlooked with the catchy “Satellite Skin” and the Heath Ledger directed video for “King Rat” sucking up the oxygen, but it shouldn’t be. It starts with that loose and jangly sound that they coined – chaotic at first glance, but beautiful with further listens – then slows and builds to a grand soaring feel somewhere past the halfway mark. Modest Mouse is one of those bands where you get so much more from the song when you listen while reading the lyrics.

Guilty Cocker Spaniels:

Listen to Guilty Cocker Spaniels

Well I took off running at the greatest speed
I didn’t bother looking to either side of me
Well I didn’t see, I just didn’t see
What was really going on
The truth had stopped and the skyline rose
Exchanging comfort for more fashionable clothes
I’d left the hills at this point in time
To run on treadmills in a perfect line
Salad days add up to daily shit
Sparked imagination until the sparks just quit
And if this is fun, why am I so bored with it?
Well I’ll probably never know

Guilty Cocker Spaniels eating table scraps
Well we rolled over, how our masters clapped
It felt so good we wanted more than that
But when the program failed they defensively laughed
We did things just how you asked
Don’t try taking us to task
Didn’t buy a face, no just a mask
So happy Halloween!

I drew a blank, we put it in a frame
Wait what you’re winning, you didn’t say this was a game
Well I guess I’ll just have to play and play
Until I’m out of cash

Before I could spit it out
I guess the words had burnt my mouth, what can I say?
There’s the thought I laid it down
So you could take it out of context either way

We said all along we deserve every bit
And mostly we knew that the supply would quit
But we got going, going just away with it
Until everybody lost their mind

Directly behind me and ahead of the time
But don’t you worry he’ll fall right in line
Yep, everything just might fly by
No one’s getting blamed this time

Blame me so blameless
Can we find a way to blame our way out?
Well I postdated the eulogy
For every blameless body, nah nah
We are blamelessly teething
On much more than we need, nah nah nah
Blamelessly teething
Well we’re all getting blamed
While everyone, everyone knew
Well everybody, everybody knew

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