Oct 182010

Grossi aka Active Child slappin' da harp!

Active Child packed a ton of vocal power and emotion into a short set with only 2 musicians. Pat Grossi had a bass player assist as he played harp, guitar, and synthesizer.  Tall and redheaded, Pat comes across like the anti-Josh Homme as his expansive, well trained voice filled the club. A darkly, brooding and sadly introspective sound, Active Child brings together elements of 80’s new wave and goth like New Order or Joy Division, but stripped down. Grossi moved gracefully from solid baritone to ethereal falsetto in each song with his trademark choir trained voice.



School of Seven Bells was down one Deheza sister and plus one drummer. The heavy-ish drummer gave the live interpretation a little more balls. Songs like “Babelonia” sounded almost like My Bloody Valentine with the hazy vocals mixing with the sludgy, distorted guitar layers. New Wave-y guitarist Benjamin Curtis had the panache while singer – the remaining Deheza sister – seemed in her own world as she belted her beautiful and ghostly lyrics and added accents on the gee-tar.

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