Oct 182010
All Praise the Magnetic Zeroes!

All Praise the Magnetic Zeroes!

Are guys that look like “Jesus” charismatic or are they charismatic because they look like Jesus? Lead singer, Alex Ebert, played the gregarious front man (cult leader), engaging the crowd, dancing, leading sing-alongs,  and talking to fans. The band wasted no time, kicking off the night with “40 Day Dream” and the ubiquitous “Janglin’.”

They extended some songs and added sweet interludes to others while nearly all tunes got a sort of custom intro. The 10-piece moved through most of their debut album with trippy, glowing, morphing projection panels as a backdrop. The Tampa crowd was lively and eager, singing nearly every word and giving the opener, He’s my Brother, She’s my Sister a warm reception. Good vibes prevailed.

My wife really likes the part in the middle when Alex and Jade have the cute little dialog about the her falling out of the window and them falling in love. They omitted this part to exchange pleasantries with Jade’s family who were in attendance at The Ritz.

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