Oct 252010

mgmt_live_orlando-music-blog_kisses-and-noiseI absolutely adored “Time to Pretend” off their first album, but as other songs from Oracular Spectacular were released MGMT came off sort of flat to me. That, coupled with reports of their live performances being somewhat lacking or flat made me lose interest as well. Apparently they have juiced up the live show and added some key musicians to help the duo expand on their sound. Their latest album, Congratulations, is more complete and seems to have drawn a lot of inspiration from The Elevator Drops (The best band you never heard) or at least The Drops’ influences. This show at Hard Rock is definitely one of the more anticipated shows this month.

“Let’s make some money, make some music, find some models for wives / I’ll move to Paris, shoot some heroin and fuck with the stars” – I love that.

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