Apr 062010

Elevator Drops_kisses and noiseThis is to be the first installment in a series of entries for The Coolest Song Ever! … Right Now dedicated to The Elevator Drops – the best band you’ve never heard. It makes no sense to me that this band never enjoyed any commercial exposure at any level at all – ever. I’ve described them as Bowie meets Devo meets Zeppelin electro glam pop (throw in some shoegaze for good measure) with their outlandish outfits, excellent drumming, walls of synth and guitar, psychedelic or oddball concepts and themes (they seem to have an obsession with Blade Runner style future transport), insanely bombastic live performances – and all of this churned together and spit out with excellent musicality, originality, and pop sensibility. This song is “Car II” from their ’94 debut album Pop Bus. Just to demonstrate a touch of their quirkiness; “Car II” is the second song on the album and the seventh song is “Car” for no apparent reason or visible tie-in.

Listen to Car II