Jul 282010
Sigfried and Roy are shittin' rainbows!

Siegfried and Roy are shittin' rainbows!

This song is a little old, but caught my attention on Satellite radio, then I forgot it. More recently it popped up in the film Cyrus. Australian duo Empire of the Sun’s track, “Walking on a Dream” is kind of chill wave-y and reminds me a little of Steely Dan and “Caribbean Queen” by Billy Ocean for some reason. Thoughts?

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  One Response to “Coolest Song Ever! … Right Now is from Empire of the Sun (Not Japan)”

  1. I got here by actually doing a Google search “Walking on a Dream sounds like Carribean Queen” because no-one took me seriously.

    Thanks for validating that :-)

    It is a cool song, even if it makes me sing “No more love on the run” post-chorus sometimes.

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