Jun 132010

Wow. Passion Pit is pretty popular. The long line in front of Firestone and down Orange Ave. told the story. That and the fact that I, personally, digitally molested about 394 people on my tedious walk from the front door to the back bar, and for that I’m sorry. Tokyo Police Club was in their encore as I made my way in. People seemed just as psyched to see them as they closed out with “In a Cave” and “Breakneck Speed.” Passion Pit brought a good light show and super-high energy to a rabid crowd on their first-ever stop in Orlando.

“Moth’s Wings”

“Better Things”


  One Response to “Passion Pit and Tokyo Police Club at Firestone – 6.12.2010”

  1. Haha, I practically hung out with ATM all night. Glad you were able to get through that many people; you’re definitely a better person to take on that task. I was “that guy” near the back watching & listening to people deliberate if they were in fact going to take the plunge into the crowd.

    Nevertheless, they did bring the energy. Do you think they could have easily had the show at Hard Rock if they so chose? I mean, if Screeching Weasel did it the night before, I am sure Passion Pit could have done the same.


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