Apr 302010

Band of Horses was pretty damn good. I must say I was jaded by seeing MMJ the same week as I always regarded BoH as My Morning Jacket Lite. They were not as powerful or explosive as MMJ and lacked the overall stage presence and unpredictability a true rock show delivers, but they sounded great (so did Ben Bridwell’s voice) and moved through an impressive set list. When you see them live you realize how many good songs they have in only 3 albums. The songs they played from the new album Infinite Arms were delivered very polished and precise, including one of my favorites “Factory.” The new album is very pretty, almost too pretty. I described it as all pretty and no gritty, but live they had a little more “edge.” Another reason the Thursday night show didn’t stand out is because I was lucky enough to catch them at one of their early shows at The Social before the meatheads started showing up.

“General Specific”

“The First Song”

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