Nov 202009

This year’s Anti*Pop Festival saw the doubling of the bands on the bill, more venues, a strong focus on homegrown music, a stellar list of bands from all genres with the usual heavy doses of hidden gems, all while reducing the price of a 4-day pass to a single payment of $25. That’s over 150 bands and 4 nights of music for $25! Orlando’s newest and coolest tradition continues to forge ahead in its bold, indie manner.

The Festival started off on a positive note with the big show being The Antlers and Minus the Bear at Firestone.

I was absolutely amazed at the turnout for a Wednesday night. The show was packed, I mean packed and the crowd seemed to be split exactly in half between people intent on fondling strangers and those who shun human contact. Personally, I lost track of the amount of times I was hand-fucked at around 37.

I was curious about YACHT as I seem to be drawn to their infectious hipster pop sound.

YACHT surprised me with their FischerSpooner-like, glammy, pop-on-a-laptop David Byrnes-esque performance.

I thought they were saying, “I’m in love with a stripper” … That would be cooler.

Thursday night was metal night at Will’s and Uncle Lou’s:

Black Tusk from Savannah, Georgia. They were so loud my face hurt. Not in a cool way, more like a health risk way.

Not sure who Khann is, kind of suck, but I am going to say this: best drummer in town.

Wrath of Khann

Hands down, the show to for me this year was Marky Ramones’ Blitzkrieg. I was lucky enough to see The Ramones play at Visage on North OBT in 1991. Yeah I know, MRB is just¬† 1/4 (or 1/5 depending on how you look at it) of The Ramones, but hearing them rip through songs like “I Wanna be Sedated” and “The KKK Took my Baby Away” filled my black rock ‘n roll heart with joy.

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