May 142015

thee-oh-sees-in-denver-gothic-theaterI’m new to Denver so I want to check out the music scene and get acquainted with the venues. I decided to see Thee Oh Sees on the strength of one or two songs I heard on satellite radio and the killer, nightmarish video for “Toe Cutter-Thumb Buster.” New town, killer venue, possible decent show – why not?

Well, the rock gods smiled upon my blithe decision. Thee Oh Sees killed! The current incarnation of the band features two drummers, bass, and founder John Dwyer on vocals and monstrous guitar. The two drummers created earth-shaking grooves that rattled the foundations of The Gothic. The band simply rocked with an ear-splitting volume that served their punk meets garage rock meets psychedelic alt-rock sound.

The vibe was amazing for a school night and the high-energy antics of the band had the Denver crowd bouncing and moshing with every song. I think this gives you a pretty good idea: