Mar 042013

david_byrne-st._vincent-review_by_kisses_and_noiseThis came out of left field for me. I’m sure the union of David Byrne and St. Vincent got a lot of press but I didn’t see it. The idea of these two working together was enough for be to buy the record sight unseen (sound unheard?). This is a phenomenal collaboration. I can’t say much more than it sounds like exactly like what you’d think David Byrne and Annie Clark together would sound like; fun, funky, weird, slightly dark but in a playful way, progressive and rockin’. It’s haunting in it’s modest brilliance. I really could pick any song from Love This Giant and get your attention.


Dinner for Two” is a clear example of the two musical worlds colliding:

Listen to Dinner for Two

They trade lead singing duties on most of the songs coming together in harmonies and backing vocals. “Lazarus” is the only true duet:

Listen to Lazarus

Buy Love This Giant on iTunes. Do it!