Oct 302012

Sharon Van Etten at The Social in Orlando

I was about half way through Sharon’s opening song before I realized she wasn’t Sarah Jaffe. I’m not sure how I got their latest releases completely confused, but I did. It was hard to peel myself away from football and a new episode of Walking Dead to attend a show I thought might be a folky estrogen fest, but for the third or fourth time in recent history I was caught completely off guard by a powerful performance that I thought would be a snoozer act. Sharon charmed her way through an expertly paced set with a coy smile and playful banter. First, I was surprised at how un-power-dike she was. I was really expecting a scruffy Lillith Fair type. Next, at how young she is or appears to be. It was startling how much wisdom and emotion pours out of the fingers and vocal chords of a such a young lady. The band was tight and the songs ranged from tender to powerful. She battled with the thudding hip hop beats next door working in cute little dance moves as she tuned her guitar. She played the omnichord, the harmonium (pictured above), drank shots, and all-in-all walloped her first Orlando audience.

Sharon Van Etten playing live at The Social

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