Jul 082012

Dylan Miles, 6 year-old drummer on stage in OrlandoDrumming sensation and future thunder god, Dylan Frechette, aka Dylan Miles aka Dizzles aka The Dylan Miles Experience, teamed up with Rion Smith, drummer of the now defunct Shak Nasti and all around journeyman percussionist for an incredible drum duet at The Plaza Theater Live in Orlando, Florida. The concert was a throw down and local talent jam session in honor of Rion’s 39th birthday, but little Dylan stole the show.

Dylan doesn’t have a band yet but he transforms every session and performance with other musicians into the Dylan Miles Experience. On a particularly prolific weekend for a kindergartner on summer vacation, Dylan laid the foundation for a cover of Phish’s “Fluffhead” with Andrew Ranieri, former frontman, lead guitarist, and co-founder of Orlando band, Sonor, then worked into a blues groove with local greats, Shak Nasti: