Jul 162012

anthrax performing at Mayhem Fest in Atlanta
Aaron’s Amphitheater formerly Hi-Fi Buys, formerly Lakewood hosted some sort of metal festival, but alls I knows is Slayer, Anthrax and Motorhead played.

Slayer on stage at Mayhem Fest in Atlanta, GA
Anthrax again got a much lower slot on the totem pole than deserved. This is Anthrax with fucking Belladonna! They headlined the smaller Jagermeister stage and summarily kicked ass with the less than generous 40 minute set they were given.

Scotty Ian and Joey Belladonna of Anthrax live at Mayhem in Atlanta

rockin banana man at Anthrax
Scott Ian of Anthrax in Atlanta

Motorhead is, well, fucking Motorhead and it was cool to see Lemmy scream up into the high perch of his signature mic stand.

Lemmy of Motorhead at Mayhem Fest in Atlanta

SLAYER! Have you ever noticed how no one can just say “Slayer.” It’s always “SLAYER!!” And more often its, “FUCKING SLAYER!!” There is a reason these grandaddy’s of metal evoke such a strong response. They eviscerate. Even without Jeff Hanneman – the ying to Kerry King’s yang – they were fast, precise, and raging stealing the show as they always do. Hanneman, who is recovering from a spider bite that caused a rare flesh eating condition called necrotising fasciitis, which almost resulted in the amputation of his hand, was replaced by Exodus guitarist, Gary Holt. How fucking metal is that? A flesh eating disease that eats the skin, muscle, and fat from the inside and caused by a spider bite! Look for the song, “Spiderbite” on Slayer’s new album, Necrotising Fasciitis this Fall.

Slayer live at Mayhem Fest in Atlanta
Slayer in Atlanta
Tom Araya and Kerry King of Slayer in Atlanta
Slayer on stage at Mayhem Fest in Atlanta, GA