Jan 142011

of-montreal_live_orlando_firestone_kisses-and-noiseI think I may have been playing it safe when I used the word pageantry to describe Of Montreal‘s live performance. It was more like Liza Minnelli’s dream Vegas show if she was twisted up on acid. Baby skeletons, giant pac-man dragon caterpillar things, phallic figures spewing confetti feathers, sequins, pig people riding inflatable rafts across the crowd, glitter, strobes, costume changes, fish head creatures with gas masks, and more spandex full-body unitards than the icecapades.

of-montreal_lpigs_ive_orlando_firestone_kisses-and-noiseThe band was comprised of about 7 musicians, a score of dancer / performance artists, and a roadie / musician in a leotard with a giant dildo (I hope it was) trying to rip through his lime green figure skater garb. Kevin Barnes was in rare form as he danced, pranced and sashayed across the Firestone stage. The music was rock driven and even psychedelic at points with an extended jam here and there. He reminded me of an indie rock Prince (with less guitar prowess), then they busted out a cover of Prince protege Apollonia 6‘s “Sex Shooter” and moved straight into “Gronlandic Edit.” Pretty nifty.

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