Oct 152010

school-of-seven-bells_the-social_orlando_kisses-and-noiseAnother promising show in Orlando at The Social Tonight. School of Seven Bells brings their hot chick dream pop along with the eerily sublime and uber-talented Active Child. SVIIB is a Brooklyn trio with pretty songs that could deliver or be a snoozer like Au Revoir Simone – not sure. Active Child could be interesting if he is able to re-create the darkly beautiful lushness on his debut Curtis Lane. It’s electronic with random live instruments – including the harp – and choir-like vocal presentation. If it is a one man show (Pat Grossi) it could be difficult to pull off, but if there are additional musicians it could add power and tension for a moving live performance. Listen to “I’m in Your Church at Night” to get a sense of the hymn-like subtle beauty.

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