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Phantogram @ BackBooth 10.1.10

Phantogram @ BackBooth 10.1.10

Saratoga Springs dream pop duo, Phantogram, rolled into Orlando on Friday, October 1 to kick off one of the busiest music months I’ve seen in my 29 years in town. They turned out a near-capacity crowd for a great set. Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter added a live drummer to their guitar and synth overload for a richer live sound. The music was loud, dark, ambient and beautiful. They were able to layer loops of vocals and synth tracks and meld them with guitar effects and live drums and drum loops to create a densely sonic presentation for 3 people. There was a sign out front that warned of heavy strobe use and they did use some strobes and projections against the entire back wall to add a stunning visual element. I wasn’t able to get a decent god damn picture because it went from total darkness to backlit projections with nearly no lights on the band. Sarah’s voice was angelic-ly sweet and she exuded this subdued goth-y glam sexiness that mesmerized most of the dudes. I think I have a crush.


Covered for REAX Online 10.10.10

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