Apr 132010

white rabbits_at the social_orlando_kissesandnoise.comThe White Rabbits shot their “Percussion Gun” right in the face of an Orlando audience at The Social on Friday, the 9th of April. From what I gathered, the turnout for this show was smaller than their last cramped appearance, but the crowd here was dedicated Rabbit fans and not just indie buzz seekers. Here We Go Magic opened the show and I was surprised by the last third of their performance. It took on a bigger, more experimental shoegaze feel than the indie pop of the first portion.

White Rabbits charged through a set evenly peppered with material from Fort Nightly and It’s Frightening. The crowd fed off the energy of their percussive drive with attention on multi-percussionist Matt Clark. The rest of the band showed their diversity as they traded instruments throughout the show. They saved heavy ammo for the exit, hitting the crowd with “The Plot” and “While We Go Dancing” toward the end and closed with “Lioness” and “Percussion Gun.” It was a decent show, although it didn’t live up to the “oh my god, they are so good live hype.” I’d give it a “meh” on the awesome scale.

“The Plot”

“Percussion Gun”

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