Apr 162010

Record Store Day (It’s like Christmas, but based on something tangible and rational) is an event to revive the beloved perusal of vinyl, cd’s, posters, and random rock related chotchkies. Remember that? The sad thing is I can’t think of many record stores anymore. Sonic Boom (is that what it was called?), CD Wharehouse, Peaches, Murmur – all gone. I know where I will go: Park Ave CD’s. I will go and relive my childhood tradition of staring at album covers and realizing I don’t have enough money to get everything I want. So join me, won’t you?

Independent record stores all over the country will have exclusive and special deals – from be able to pre-order the new Pumpkins EP, Teargardern by Kaliedyscope: Songs for a Sailor. I know one of the deals at Park Ave will be a Bouncing Souls 7″ vinyl. Only 500 will be pressed and distributed and Park Ave CD’s is one of the few places to get it (or wait in line for it).

If you don’t take my word for Record Store Day, listen to my boy Josh Homme:

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