Mar 152010

Avi Buffalo was a band I was interested in checking out because of one song really. I wasn’t sure if I’d like any of the other stuff from them. It sounded sort of juvenile at first, but when I settled in to watch the show it was really good. Their last two songs showed a more mature stage presence with a solid delivery of their single “What’s In It For?” and the last song which let Avi (Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg) flex a little guitar muscle while the band expanded the song in a slightly psychedelic jam out. The show ended with Avi going ba-nanas with feedback and manipulating his effects board Jonny Greenwood style in wall of screeching sound. That’s a great exit in my book.

“What’s In It For?”

Rogue Wave was excellent. They relied heavy on the new album, but played a handful of the best songs in their catalog. “Chicago x 12″ didn’t make it on the setlist but RW played a killer, full band re-working of “Eyes” complete with a building and melodic free-form intro. They also delivered a climactic version of “Lake Michigan” with drummer, Pat Spurgeon, working the crowd up to a frenzy with a clap-along drum intro. Rogue Wave was exactly what I thought; a talented band with a bigger sound playing an intimate, small venue.

“We Will Make A Song Destroy” This is one of the stand-out tracks on the new Permalight.


“Good Morning (The Future)”


“Permalight” allowed some O-town fans to dance drunkenly on stage. I think someone disconnected Zach Rogue’s mic while dancing …

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