Mar 102009

The Tabernacle is one of my favorite venues in the southeast. It feels alive during good shows and this visit from MM is no exception. I think this is the first tour since Johnny Marr’s brief stint.

“Spitting Venom” is a vicious song live. It is powerful with frequent changes and massive crescendos.

The “Third Planet” is certain they’re bein’ watched …

“Talkin’ Shit About a Pretty Sunset” I fucking love this song.

Clip from “Satellite Skin”¬† At this poinhis was the second time I’d heard this song and I knew I liked it so I grabbed a clip.

This is Mimicking Birds opening for Modest Mouse. They were really good. The drummer kind of led the band and played with the crowd. He seemed to be holding back and punctuated their quiet music.

Japanese Motors, the first act. This is my favorite song from them. guh.

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