Mar 052009

Bat for Lashes sweet sophomore release is a sophisticated, edgy, sincere effort with loads of musical integrity.  sfw-bat-for-lashes-two-sunsTwo Suns is a sensible follow-up to her debut, taking the themes and style of the previous Рwith its haunting charm Рand expanding on it. Two Suns is sweeping and large for an “indie songstress.” Her style invokes names like Kate Bush, PJ Harvey, or Siouxsie Sioux without sounding like any of them. For instance, “Good Love” with its somber organ, tambourine and eerie vocal delivery is reminiscent of Mazzy Star without being a slavish knock-off.  “Two Planets” Рpsychedelic and experimental with its vocal twists and chilling melodies all driven by Timpani’s and hand claps Рreminds me of Bjork.  Both rich and sparse, this album is soaked in tasteful production, revealing a well produced, elegantly dark, but positively pop, gem.

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