Jun 082008

OK, VW’s style of yuppy infused, ivy league brand of indie rock can be a bit irritating to the blue collar masses. I don’t really identify with summering in Cape Cod and can be a little put-off by world music influences for the sake of seeming culturally aware, but for a brief moment Vampire offered something a little different, something new and it was kind of fun . .. for a while.

With only the House of Blues in Lake Buena Vista and BackBooth offering worse audience viewing perspectives, Firestone was packed and offering the only position I seem to ever feel like attaining – the entrance by the door. “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” is nearly drowned out by the undeservedly large crowds personal discussions. That’s what happens when A) You don’t really rock and B) Your music has found its way onto the iPods of douchebags.

“A Punk”

“Walcott” I really can’t relate to the feeling of just having to get out of Cape Cod. Sorry.

“One (Blake’s Got A New Face)” I really can’t relate to a guy named Blake either. What is it with these yuppy fucks?

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