Nov 142005
Vicious vegan

Vicious vegan

Normally, we would rather stay home and remove our own pubic hair with a roll of masking tape than listen to a white, straight-edge, vegetarian, political rapper from Rhode Island. Every deliciously painful yank of the tape would be a symphony compared to the lame droning of emo hip-hop, except for the overwhelming fact that Sage Francis is for real. He is a battle hardened, road tested MC and spoken word poet. As the first rapper signed to Epitaph records Sage brings wicked beats and scathing, insightful rhymes to his brand of DIY hip-hop. Francis on-stage with an 808 makes Eminem’s arena show seem like the Muppets on Ice. On topics like George W. Bush and globalization Sage’s venomous lyrics will have independent thinkers, libertarians, Green partiers, and cry baby Kerry supporters licking their chops, while the conservative right will cluck disapprovingly (or have absolutely no idea who Sage Francis is).

As part of the Tour with, among others, our own Sol Illiquists of Sound, you will know more with all the science they be droppin’ Witty verbal sparring, political potshots, and dope beats will prevail making our heads bob regardless of our meat consumption or political affiliation.

Article originally appeared in the Orlando Weekly, November 3 – 9 2005

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