Sep 102010

Am I crazy or is this song awesome? Never has the sacred and profane phrase, “fuck you” been delivered with such alacrity and wit (OK – Eddie Murphy, George Carlin, Bernie Mack, Redd Fox, Robert Deniro, nevermind) – well maybe with such funk and soul? Cee-Lo shapes classic funk grooves that The Mar-Keys would be proud of and drops vocals that would make Al Green smile on the catchiest fuck off message ever recorded. I apologize if any young ones get a hold of this because if they were shielded from the mother of all curse words prior to this video it will be indelibly burned into their brains now.

Aug 312010

I know this song is a little old, but a) that doesn’t matter and b) I haven’t seen this particular video. I saw another version. This video is more “bling-y” than the other trippy version, but I think the cliche is supposed to be ironic. “Pursuit of Happiness” is just a great song; an evolution of hip hop. The listing says “feat MGMT” because they did some production work, but so did Ratatat and it is their influence I hear the most, especially with the little electro guitar solo.

Jul 222010

This is a cool song that uses clips from a 70′s short film called “Clown.” It’s basically the tale of a lovable little scamp and his ineptitude as a dog owner. No, cute kid has a cute dog named Clown which he loses. What the video doesn’t show is the boy eventually finding the dog, but Clown is now leading a blind man so the kid decides to leave him. I think there is a lesson to be learned there, but if some blind dude had my dog I’d be all like, “What you doin’ with my dog you blind motherfucker?!” and punch him in the chest. That’s harsh. Maybe I would just secretly replace his Folgers crystals with a large sewer rat.