Feb 182011

kid-cudi-man-on-the-moon-2_orlando-music-blog_erase-meI don’t know what the hell is wrong with me. First I can’t get this song out of my head, then when I finally get around to listening to Kid Cudi‘s new album, Man on the Moon 2: Legend of Mr. Rager, it’s his anthemic song with Kanye – “Erase Me” that won’t escape me. I’m trying to maintain my rock cred here, but it is the single / terrestrial radio worthy ear worms that have overtaken me lately.

I was eager to hear Cudi’s new stuff because I thought the first album was a true evolutionary step for hip-hop in the seamless meshing NY rap style with indie / alternative sensibility and layered electronica. Man on the Moon 2 is just that – a sequel. It doesn’t seem to break any new ground – on the first few listens anyway – and in fact, appears to be missing some of the unique edge that Ratatat may have brought to the table by producing the debut. It is good and there are are a handful of standouts including this super-catchy song, but I think I was just expecting more. It’s dark and introspective with descriptions of heavy drug use and allusions to suicide which builds on the themes of the troubled soul and MC. So in that sense, it may purposely be a sequel that does not expand too far beyond the original by design.

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