Jan 262011

Signed Vinyl of the Score to Adventureland

Signed Vinyl of the Score to Adventureland

On Tuesday night the godfathers of indie rock swept into The Social on the heels of Rain-a-geddon – more commonly known as a thunderstorm in these parts – and proved why they maintained their status for over 20 years. They embody everything that “indie” stands (stood) for. Besides being eligible for a pension from Matador Records they are quirky, fun, somber, experimental, sweet, and can flat-out rock when necessary powered by Ira’s roaring guitar rig.

They opened the show by announcing that there would be 2 sets, the first being determined by the spin of a Wheel of Fortune inspired wheel. Pure chance would determine what Orlando got to hear. It was to be spun by a member of the audience and YLT would have to play whatever the fates imposed. There were 8 categories including: Dump (James’ solo recordings), Sounds of Science Pt.1 OR Pt. 2 (the instrumental recordings of Ira and Georgia), “S” songs (YLT songs beginning with the letter “S”), TV sitcom (they would act out a sitcom, which would be very interesting), and Condo Fucks (YLT’s cover band alter ego) to name a few.

This concept is basically a band saying, “We’ve been playing for over 20 years … fuck it. Let’s make it interesting” It is extremely impressive for a band to have that many songs at the ready and just be able to slide into a set based on the spin of a wheel each night. The second set, a  more traditional setlist, will not be repeated from night to night either.

We got “S” songs.

The show exemplified YLT’s style with quiet moments, sing-along moments, low-key and intimate banter followed by flashes of epic rock.

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