Jul 282007

There was a weird metal crowd with opposing agendas: Marilyn Manson fans and Slayer fans. Although they are metal (Slayer way more so) they represent opposite ends of the metal spectrum. Slayer from the shredding, in-your- face old school of metal and Manson on the Goth, Industrial side.

Slayer blew the place to pieces while Manson was coked-out and disinterested. He threw the mic down and walked off stage in a pout about an hour into it. I think Slayer fans were told by Manson fans that MM puts on a better show. Following the concert metal heads in an attempt to prove that Slayer was better were walking around and asking people, “Which one was better? Slayer or Manson?” or the abbreviated version, “Slayer or Manson?” And when someone answered, “Slayer” there were howls and high fives. Manson fans even reluctantly said Slayer with their heads hung in shame.

“Hell Awaits”

“Raining Blood”

“Mandatory Suicide”

“Drunky McGhee warms up the crowd”

“Love Song”

End of “Antichrist Superstar”

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